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Reasons to Switch to VoIP Network


Today, almost everyone is familiar with the major reasons to accept VoIP, which are low cost and simplicity. But, numerous recent developments make a stronger case for switching from traditional landlines to VoIP-based systems.

Switching to VoIP calling systems, for sure, is highly effective and cost-effective as compared to any other calling network. It has proved itself across the globe for providing an easier and simpler access to long distance and international calls, which can be made at very low ranges and with all installations at your own place. With VoIP, you can call anyone, anytime with superior voice quality without a single-time crack in the voice. The VoIP industry is getting immensely popular these days in terms of a handful of qualities in its calls without any obstructions or disturbances.

This technology allows you to stay connected with your dear ones without facing heavy ISD calling rates. The use of VoIP network on mobiles makes calling cheaper and quicker. Individuals can make their phone calls over the web using their regular handsets and same numbers. With VoIP, making long distance calls becomes real quick, convenient and simple.

Softswitch converts human voice into digital data packets before transmitting the call to end-user. To operate this VoIP network, all that a user requires is a speedy internet connection, a telephone device and an analog telephone adapter device; no additional technical equipment or knowledge is required for using these VoIP devices. Just like other standard telephone facilities, the VoIP technology also provides varied features like call hold, call waiting, caller ID and call transfer.

VoIP calls are guaranteed for high voice quality, regardless of the distance between the caller and the receiver. The best part of the VoIP network is its simplicity. After having a session with an expert, even a novice can operate it. Another good thing about it is that it does not involve any tedious, long installation process like other phone facilities do.

The reason behind the huge popularity of VoIP system is its innovative features:

  • Economic
  • Conference call
  • Video conferencing
  • Utilization with online software
  • Enhanced internet access
  • Highly flexible or adaptable telephone method

Based entirely on the SIP-based protocol, softswitch provides real time communications over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This device has a high scalability factor and an intensifying line of options that puts service providers at a positive position to drive quick return on investment with a low set up cost.