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The Latest Telecommunication Innovation - Softswitch


Softswitch has been developed to handle the Internet Protocol (IP) traffic, where audio and video information runs from one IP address to another. Softswitch works as an intermediate between the conventional telephone network and the VoIP network. This device links Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) to Internet Protocol networks, and makes sure that communication occurs between the two different networks. The earlier circuit switching technology was based on hardware. However, the latest VoIP switching technology is exclusively software-based. Ever since its introduction, softswitch has beaten hardware-based technology in the market owing to its features like easy to use and cost-effectiveness.

Softswitch is based on SIP protocol. It ensures a flawless communication session and provides a platform for the ITS provider to offer various VoIP services such as PC to PC call, PC to phone call, IP device to phone, etc. A high-quality softswitch not only operates efficiently, but is also visually elegant with a sophisticated architecture. The softswitch technology is flexible enough to put up all the existing and latest VoIP software and hardware. Features like card number and caller ID, customizable IVR, recoding of unlimited phone calls, minimal call routing, minimal cost dialing and the like are the basic functionalities of this advanced software.

This device has extraordinary advantages for its end-users. Some of these benefits are:

Higher scalability: Softswitches often work viciously by just managing the control part of the server, saving the rest of the switch for other purposes. This technology can manage numerous clients for packet data switching.

No particular hardware is needed for softswitch, since it is fully platform independent, which is a highly attractive feature. Softswitch can work effectively in any PC server environment.

Softswitch can be expanded simply by buying an extension license and controlling license over the Internet Protocol. In some cases, PBX support is needed for the expansion of softswitches in wider regions.

Some Voip softswitch suppliers offer an open source to be utilized by other developers and potential users. This can help the developer and other developers to boost the current code provided in the open source.

Softswitch can be installed really easily. It even allows remote installations to its users. Besides, it is easy to be managed. Softswitches do not need any kind of extra care or maintenance.While buying the softswitch, it is highly recommended to look for the one that could integrate with other modules and basically work as a central controller.