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The Complete Telecom Infrastructure In The Cloud.

We, at CloudSoftswitch, are a leading provider of Telecom software suite for cloud NGN (Next Generation Networks). Enterprises or individuals can avail from us Class4/5 Softswitch systems when they subscribe to our SaaS (Softswitch as a Service program).

Softswitch – An Excellent Revenue Generator

(Cheaper, Better and Faster)

Whether Class 4 or Class 5, a softswitch will help you connect one call over IP to another. The main job of a softswitch (a VoIP system) is to control the connections between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks.

How does a Class 4 softswitch differ from a Class 5 softswitch (IP switch)?

While the purpose of both is one, a Class 4 softswitch aims at assessing different information and a Class 5 softswitch helps to connect different phones/tools with each other. Class 4 softswitch will generate reports related to incoming or outgoing calls for you. It will also keep track of any unauthorized calls or call routing.

Besides, this kind of softswitch will help businesses to enjoy a secured delivery of the VoIP traffic over a number of IP networks.

On the other hand, a Class 5 softswitch will direct the calls over IP to the right SIP or IP addresses or DID number. DID or Direct Inward Dialing is a kind of service, which has varied numbers to make a call into the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system of an enterprise.

Exclusive features of Class 4 softswitch:

• External SIP redirect doubts
• Safe Investment in NGN products
• Eliminated 3rd party routing engine

Some special features of Class 5 softswitch:

• Basic dial-tone
• Calling features

Common features of Class 4/5 softswitch:

• VoIP billing system (Prepaid and Postpaid)
• Calling cards
• VoIP routing stack
• Branding
• IVR Server
• IP-PBX (Follow-me, Voicemail, Call Redirect)
• Multi Resellers interface
• Accounts overview
• Authentication
• Callback
• SIP clients (IOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Desktop dialers)
• DIDs Pools
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