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Wholesale Billing

Billing a customer is called retail billing, but billing other individuals such as resellers, roaming partners or interconnect partners comes under wholesale billing. It depends on the situation, how much a person is charged.

Wholesale billing is workable even if it’s not accurate (though, it is good if the same is accurate). It is essential for wholesale billing to comply with the international standards.

Some striking features of wholesale billing system:

• Web-based GUI Management
• SSL Encyption
• Real-time Reporting
• Profit Loss Protection
• Integrated with FreshBooks Billing API
• User-friendly Interface
• LRN Billing
• Complete integration with FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

Wholesale billing will provide you a single warehouse, ensuring improved efficiency as well as lesser time to deal with errors. When you center your business on a market of digital services, you have a single entry point wherein you can manage all the activities.

Our wholesale billing system will allow you to manage settlement charges between varied partners for one event. A major benefit that it offers to you is low ownership cost. The Wholesale Billing System offered by us is easy to install and easy to use, which cuts your business’s operational as well as maintenance costs.

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